Cake Pay

Cake Pay makes it easy to buy gift cards and related products with virtual assets for use at millions of merchants worldwide!
Cake Pay mobile for USA is available in Cake Wallet. Cake Pay web includes a broad selection of global merchants.

About Cake Pay

With Cake Pay, you can easily purchase gift cards and related products for use worldwide.

Cake Pay mobile includes instant discounts of 1-3% and has the best USA catalog. Cake Pay mobile is only available in Cake Wallet. Cake Pay web has a wide selection of merchants worldwide.

Cake Pay cards are brand new from authorized sellers. Buy the exact amount you need (eg: $420.69) for many providers.

Cake Pay mobile accepts BTC, LTC, and XMR. Cake Pay web accepts BTC and XMR.

We recommend checking Cake Pay mobile first to see if a merchant is available there with a discount, and then checking Cake Pay web.

Sign up today with only your email! Swipe left to right from the Cake Wallet homescreen to access the Marketplace, or use Cake Pay web.

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Check out Cake Pay in Cake Wallet!

We recommend downloading Cake Wallet to try out Cake Pay. Cake Wallet is free, open source, and noncustodial.

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Please contact us if you have any support questions about Cake Pay.